When time is critical, you can always call us. We’ll be there.
Surprises can strike any time, and often require fast action to mitigate property damage and impact on occupants. There’s never a convenient time for drainage to fail or trees to fall, but when they do you can count on our team to dispatch qualified, licensed specialists to the site immediately.
We also assist clients across the greater Hamilton area with restoration work, repairing structural damage and restoring aesthetics to buildings damaged by fire, mold, and more.
Immediate action, any time: Trusted Handy Guy
Our team stays ready to protect your property and its occupants at a moment’s notice. If you own a commercial, rental, or residential property you will eventually run into an emergency repair situation.
And when the unexpected happens? We’ll be there for you. Any time.
Plumbing and drainage issues
It’s 3am. You hear the sound of running water, but everyone’s asleep. Flicking on the bathroom light, you find an indoor pool where before there was only tile – and it’s getting deeper. What do you do?
Whether from a backed-up toilet, broken fixture, or clogged drainage , water damage can quickly become extensive, requiring more aggressive repairs. Fast action is absolutely essential to ensure safety and prevent future surprises. Our in-house team is ready to work with and to help put your mind at ease by identifying any underlying issues.
Simply call us, day or night, from anywhere in the greater Hamilton area. We’ll deploy a crew to your location right away to minimize damage to your home (or investment property) .
Flood and fire restoration
When fire or flooding occur, it’s very possible that damage goes beyond the superficial. To protect your family (or your tenants), it’s important to identify challenges and opportunities that let our restoration crews work quickly and cost-effectively. Priority number one: minimize human impact by restoring structures to their original state as quickly as possible so clients can enjoy safe and complete use of their homes again.
If you have a fire or flood emergency, call us any time.
For non-emergency restoration, please get in touch to schedule a complimentary consultation.
Mold and asbestos removal
When you uncover mold or asbestos on your property, usually in the course of a renovation or improvement project, stop right there.
Everyone knows how harmful asbestos can be to human health – you need a qualified, certified crew to execute the removal because there are additional hazards and laypeople don’t understand how to provide adequate protection for themselves or others.
The same is true with molds: infestation can extend far beyond the surface and improper removal techniques can not only harm anyone in the surrounding area, they can release billions of spores which serve to spread – and even worsen – the mold infestation.
These situations can range from simple clean-up to extensive deep mold & asbestos removal. There’s only one way to know for sure.
If you discover mold or asbestos inside your structure, call us immediately. We’ll dispatch a certified crew to help you assess the situation and choose the right actions to protect your property and its occupants.
Wind and tree damage
High winds and falling limbs can damage structures in a variety of ways, from the clearly visible to the hidden and dangerous. When such damage occurs, it’s essential to assess the situation and act quickly to protect people, prevent additional damage, and preserve a structure’s integrity.
We are always on guard when inclement weather strikes the greater Hamilton area, because clients trust us to provide fast responses around the clock.
Our experienced staff will help identify the best way to restore a structure’s integrity and ensures that all repairs are to code.