Income Property Maintenance

Healthy structures house happy tenants.

Our team protects investment properties across the greater Hamilton area, deploying crews from our Burlington & Hamilton locations. With a certified home inspector on staff, we can identify both current and future issues requiring attention, and ensure that all repair and maintenance work is code and regulation-compliant.

You’ll receive real-time photo documentation and status reports detailing the challenges your properties and tenants face to keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Immediate action, on demand: Trusted Handy Guy.

Suddenly, when you least expect it, something goes wrong. That’s okay – just call us.

Since we’ve amassed a wide variety of job-specific tools (we don’t rely on equipment rental firms), we can simply spring into action; immediately dispatching a specialized crew to control the situation, minimize tenant impact and structural damage, and initiate repairs as quickly as possible.

Yes – any time.


Income property maintenance begins with regular inspections to protect owners, investments, and tenants from damage and liability. Our in-house certified home inspector ensures our clients’ structures maintain absolute compliance with all building, fire, and safety codes.

We can also alert you to deferred capital costs (plumbing, furnaces, roofing, etc.) you can expect to see up to 10 years in the future, and help you devise a cost-effective long-term plan to meet those challenges before any problems occur.

Partnering with Trusted Handy Guy for your Hamilton area income property maintenance just makes sense.

Our clients trust us to provide ongoing support; fast, reliable responses to unexpected issues; and the comfort of knowing even the smallest repairs always get completed by skilled, capable hands.

Contact us today to find out why.