Real Estate

Impress your clients with quick real estate sales.

The Burlington real estate market is highly competitive, and realtor’s reputations rely on rapid, reliable sales for their clients. Ensuring homes are “show ready” in the best condition they can be is a major factor – we can work around your schedule to refresh, repair, and even provide a NACHI-certified inspector to evaluate the premises.

Bring homes to market faster, at higher value: Trusted Handy Guy

We help realtors make the right impression on clients and prospective buyers by refreshing and repairing homes to provide an ideal background for gainful staging. We polish the background to let the little details shine through – properly presented, style sells.

Refresh for staging

Sometimes a home just needs a little extra TLC before you can show it to prospective buyers. The better its condition, the more likely it is to sell at or even beyond the owner’s asking price – little details can make all the difference.

This can include anything from a fresh coat of paint and some on-trend lighting adjustments to general clean-up and minor repairs – whatever it takes to bring the property up to showable, buyable condition quickly and cost-effectively. New flooring, for example, can really put a twinkle in buyers’ eyes.

From our Burlington location, our team can mobilize quickly to refresh just-listed homes anywhere in Ancaster, Waterdown, Burlington, Oakville or Hamilton area.

Got a stage coming up? We can accommodate your schedule. Contact us today!

Repairs for resale

Sometimes sellers leave a property in a less than ideal state for resale. With over 15 years’ experience, our team can repair minor damage (including windows, doors, floors, ceilings, and walls) very quickly to bring new life to a well-loved home, anywhere in the GTA.
Luxury condos and century farmhouses require different tools, materials, and approaches. We understand the intricacies involved in repairing different kinds of structures – this knowledge means we provide accurate, considered quotes and time estimates for every project.

You’ll stay (and sell) on schedule and within budget.

Contact us to schedule a free onsite consultation at your convenience.

Home pre-inspection

Most buyers like to do their homework before making an offer. A well-staged house helps them feel more comfortable, but true due diligence means bringing in a qualified home inspector to identify any issues that laypeople can easily miss.

We keep a NACHI-certified inspector on staff for your convenience – when this issue comes up, as it invariably will, you can significantly reduce the sales cycle by saying “I’ve already had a pre-inspection done and here is a copy of the report”

Need a certified home inspection? You got it. Simply connect with your Trusted Handy Guy!